Stanley Black and Decker (2018 Engineering Internship)

As an Innovation Engineering Summer Intern, I led an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning project, conducted strategic business analysis, developed steps for future adoption and implementation, and delivered a demo chatbot prototype. I also led secondary project on Nanomaterials, performed feasibility study of incorporating new materials into current manufacturing techniques and conducted sample market and sales analysis. Being in an engineering/corporate environment enabled me to understand the interdisciplinary culture and functionalities of a successful business. I was able to work with intern from other departments such as Marketing, Finance, and other Engineering disciplines. Together with a team 9 interns, we participated in the first ever Stanley Intern Innovation Challenge. Our team collaborated and accessed resources and training in the Stanley Black and Decker Makerspace to prototype and market our product in a “Shark Tank”-styled pitch competition. In the end, our team won the competition with our pitch idea “SoilSense”.